Wireless power transfer

Leading manufacturing technologies for wireless power transfer systems

Wireless power transfer overview

Inductive power transfer

The principle of inductive power transfer is based on alternating electromagnetic fields. A transmitter coil generates a magnetic field which induces an alternating voltage in the receiver coil. This voltage is rectified and is available on the vehicle side.

IPT system architecture

An inductive power transfer system consists of a primary side (transmitter) and a secondary side (receiver). In both parts, the transmitter or receiver coil is the central component for magnetic coupling between the system groups.

Exemplary coil module of the secondary side of a wireless power transfer system


Coil support



Assembly of a resonant circuit module

The process knowledge is used by us in the prototype construction of coil modules, taking into account current standardization.

Flat-coil winding

  • Kinematic concepts
  • Machine implementations
  • Litz termination

Contact points

  • Hot crimping
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Laser beam welding

Assembly of ferrit structures

  • Laying strategies
  • Gripping systens
  • Measuring system

Assembly and integration of capacitors

  • SMD, THT
  • Foil capacitors

Housing and potting systems

  • Conductor insulation
  • Vacuum potting


  • Quality score determination
  • Power transfer tests
  • Environmental measurements

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